Brand: GCE Healthcare

Portable Oxygen Concentrator



Dual mode

Zen-O™ portable oxygen concentrator can deliver up to 2 litres of oxygen in either pulse or continuous flow.

Easy to use

Zen-O™ is simple to use with clear button operation and LCD panel.

Responsive to Patient Needs

Unlike other devices that deliver a fixed amount of oxygen, Zen-O automatically increases the amount of oxygen delivered if a patient’s breath rate rises

Field replaceable sieve bed

Zen-O’s practical design makes it easy for home oxygen providers to replace the sieve bed in under 5 minutes using simple tools.

Visual and audio alarms

Zen-O™ has various audible and visual alarms to prompt the user of a required action. Some alarms include low battery, service required, and no breath detected.

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Weight 4.66 kg
Dimensions 21.2 × 16.8 × 31.3 cm