TheraBand Professional Resistance Tubing


TheraBand Professional Resistance Tubing is made for everyone! Whether you’re an athlete, training, in rehabilitation, or want to increase your flexibility, TheraBand’s Resistance Tubing is for you! With these, the user can strengthen muscles, increase their range of motion, and improve their flexibility all while using this simple, convenient exercise product.

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TheraBand Professional Resistance Tubing is a latex tubing that is color-coded to distinguish different levels of resistance. This color system helps the user recognize their improvement when they progress from one color to the next. If you want to maximize your workouts, attachments are sold separately that will expand versatility and increase the possibilities of workouts achieved.

  • Color coded based on resistance
  • Great for upper and lower body exercises
  • Strengthen muscles, increase range of motion, and improve flexibility
  • Convenient and portable that works the gym, clinic, at home, and more
  • Helps complete simple, yet effective workouts that rehabilitates muscles