TENS 120Z Dual Channel Unit


Brand: ITO The 120Z is an easy to use TENS unit suitable for both the practitioner and the patient. It is a 2 channel electric stimulator for relief from muscular spasm, pain and joint contracture.

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Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation, TENS, this small battery powered machine impacts upon muscular pain by using electrical impulses to stimulate nerve endings under the skin, this in turn helps block the pain signals to the brain. A TENS machine does not cure the problem causing the pain but it can reduce the pain which can then aid the healing process. The 120Z has three therapy modes, Constant mode, Modulation mode & Burst mode. Features Safe-lock lever for control knobs Minimal control knobs for ease of use Three stimulation modes: constant, burst and modulation Affordable The unit is supplied with wires, rubber electrode pads and gel pads, it also includes adhesive tape, a belt clip, a 9V battery and a small protective case, convenient for storage and carrying. This unit is CE marked. SPECIFICATION Power supply: 1 x DC 9 V alkaline battery