Snug knee Support w/gel Pad


Dynamic Sung Knee Support W/Spiral Soft Stay & Gel Pad  is designed for prevention of knee injury and provides good stabilization for the injured knee during walking, running, and climbing. It adopts most advanced Germany flat knitting technique with one panel knitting structure, 3-dimensional shape, 4-way stretch, even compression and allows free ventilation. It can snugly fit the body shape and provide maximum comfort. The gel pad offers good protection and the massage effect for the knee joint and muscles. Applying high frequency welding technology keeps a perfect fit.

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  • 3D design with one panel flat knitting for better fit.
  • High frequency welding process for attaching  lateral spiral stays.
  • The gel pad provides good protection and massage effect.
  • Ventilated materials and 4-way stretch construction provide maximum comfort.