Sissel SitFit Plus Seat Cushion

The Sissel Sitfit Plus Seat Cushion is a perfect combination of sitting wedge and air filled balance pad. It enhances an upright posture and relieves upper body tension. The Sissel Sitfit Plus comes with a pump to adjust to individual pressure and with exercises poster set.



The Sissel Sitfit Plus Seat Cushion works as a dynamic sitting pad that adds comfort as well as exercises the muscles of the back. Using the Sissel Sitfit Plus will relieve the upper body, but also works the back muscles and pelvic floor without exercising.

Specifications Sissel Sitfit Plus Seat Cushion:

Sitting wedge filled with air
Provides better thigh support for longer sitting periods whilst maintaining active sitting
Active and dynamic sitting relieves upper body tension
Pre inflated
Excercies that can be done: musculature of back; pelvic floor and core muscles
The delivered pump has an opening next to the black handle. There is situated the attachment for the pump.
Material: latex and phthalate free
Color: blue, black and red
Size: 37 cm diameter
Comes with pump and exercise poster