SILVAPRO Antibacterial Burn Dressing 5″ x 9″ (13 x 23cm)


SilvaPro™ Antibacterial Burn Dressing starts caring for the wound and the patient at the very first touch. The only dressing with dual antimicrobial barrier and cooling action. Burn wounds present a triple challenge even after the burning source is removed. The burned tissue damage carries on until the tissue temperature drops; at the same time the exposed flesh is at risk of infection, a potentially devastating complication, meanwhile the patient may be in severe pain.

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  • Pre-hospital multipurpose burn dressing.
  • Rapid and sustained cooling when gelled with water.
  • Effective barrier against contamination.
  • Long-lasting antibacterial protection.
  • Convenient to carry in the field.
  • High capacity for wound fluid absorption.