Shower Chair / Over Toilet Aid




  • Easy lift seat will self assist the patient into a standing position by pushing the armrest downwards. This will simultaneously raise the seat.
  • Suitable for patients who have had hip replacement surgery or suffering from severe arthritis.
  • Minimises strain on hips and knees.
  • Constructed from light weight aluminium tubing.
  • Ideal for domestic use.
  • Perfect for hospitals, nursing homes and other institutional use.
  • Seat has open front with soft padding.
  • Extension legs are height adjustable.
  • When a user wishes to lift themself off the chair, their natural reactions is to push down on the armrests.   By pushing the armrest in a downward direction, the seat will raise simultaneously.  Effectively placing the user in a standing position.
  • Backrest is foldable and has soft padding.
  • Pail with a lid.
  • Suction rubber tips that are slip resistant.