REMstar Auto A-Flex with Humidifier, SD Card



Reduced sound levels Click here to watch a video about sound level comparisons with the ResMed S9 With the addition of our advanced WhisperSmart technology, designed to make our industry-leading Flex Family of pressure relief technologies operate more quietly, System One is one of the quietest devices on the market when it matters most: when patients are breathing on it. Dual modes with remote switching Now, System One BiPAP Pro and BiPAP Auto devices come equipped with both bi-level and CPAP capabilities and can be easily switched between modes – including remotely via computer – when clinicians and providers need to adjust patient therapy. The convenience of having both options in a single unit is another innovation designed to save providers from having to make additional trips to patients’ homes. Improved humidity output and control With improved humidity output, System One offers five patient-selected relative humidity settings to deliver customized comfort while dramatically reducing rainout. In addition, our “classic” mode provides the ability to shut off Humidity Control, if preferred. Mask fit and seal monitoring With the Mask Fit feature, System One Auto devices give patients the ability to check the seal of their masks in real time and lets them and their clinicians know what leaks may result when pressures increase from baseline throughout the night. Easy night-time viewing A back-lit screen ensures patients will be able to see System One’s interface even in the dark. Enhanced filtration design Packaged with each device, a white, ultra-fine filter provides filtration that may enhance comfort without increasing noise or changes in efficacy. 15mm tubing option System One now features both 15 mm and 22 mm tubing options that may provide greater patient comfort and customization of therapy. Multilingual display System One devices can be set to display different languages, depending on the country of use. U.S. models display English or Spanish; Canada models display English or French. Philips Respironics Sleep Therapy System uses advanced intelligence to deliver optimum care. Beyond anything previously possible, this new system is the true definition of intelligent therapy. Through advancements in software algorithms, humidification management, and the marriage of proven technologies,the Philips Respironics Sleep Therapy System thinks for itself, carefully monitoring your sleep patterns and recongnizing when therapy needs are changing. Armed with that knowledge, it then provides you with the intelligent information you need for improved patient care. The Philips Respironics CPAP System: Knows when, whey and how changes should be made to consistently and continually provide optimum therapy Knows how to maximize patient comfort for improved long-term compliance Knows what essential information you need and how to get it to you in a form you can use It’s a thinking platform that gives you more control. And one more way we’re working with you to arrive at better solutions for better living. Five components of intelligent CPAP therapy: System One humidity control and Dry Box technology Better humidification management to prevent rainout and water damage System One resistance control Optimized pressure delivery, no matter which mask is used Advanced event detection Identification of complicated and changing conditions that may indicate alternative therapy Flex Family technologies Improved patient comfort with proven pressure relief