Omron Children CompAir Lightweight Compressor Respiratory Nebulizer Inhaler


This lightweight compressor nebulizer weighs just 270 g and has a low noise operation of 46 dB, allows for a very quiet and comfortable operation. This compact compressor nebulizer also has a small footprint, so doesn’t take up much storage space and is very easy to use and maintain. The OMRON C801 is the ideal compressor nebulizer for home use.

Brand: OMRON C801

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Advantages of the Omron VVT Nebulizer Kit

  • Easy assembly, clearly marked parts to avoid wrong assembly
  • Easy readable medication level
  • Easy to clean bio-compatible Polyproplylene (PP) material
  • Meets hygienic standards (boilable,autoclaveable)
  • No small parts which can easily be lost or swallowed by young children
  • No need for breath co-ordination – very little training required
  • Designed for use with nasal or mouth piece as well as adult and child mask for Omron’s range of compressor nebulizers; C801-KD, C801, C28P

OMRON C28P is a compact inhaler for small asthmatics and allergy sufferers, which is excellent for moistening the upper and lower airways. Its design with cheerful characters and bright colours is attractive to children. It also allows inhalation of dosage forms. The device uses Virtual Valve Technology ( VVT ), which ensures less loss of inhaled aerosol in the inhalation set and thus makes the active substance more effective. In addition, the individual parts of the inhaler do not need to be cleaned as much, making maintenance much easier.

The volume of the medication container is 7ml, the nebulization capacity is then 0.3 ml per minute. Despite indisputable performance, the device has a very quiet operation of 47 dB. The price of the inhaler also includes a wide range of accessories, including a practical travel bag, making it easy to carry the device.


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