Mechanical bathroom scale


With the BM707 mechanical personal scale from ADE, you can do nothing wrong. This bathroom scale comes in a brilliant white and has a weighing surface made of high-quality ABS plastic.

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It is characterized by its low weight and good resistance. It is also very easy to clean. This body scale is completely maintenance-free and requires no electricity, as it weighs purely mechanically. So you don’t have to worry about consequential costs due to empty batteries. Weighing is reliable and accurate up to a maximum weight of 120 kilograms. The classification is carried out in steps of one kilogram. In addition, the scale is ready for use at any time and handling is totally simple: all you have to do is step onto the weighing surface and read off its weight. The values are displayed on the scale and can be easily read. The black numbers on a white background are also well recognized without glasses or bending down. If necessary, you can manually read just the scale to zero with a small wheel before weighing, so that accurate and reliable measurement results are guaranteed even in the long term