Brand:LANAFORM Highly effective for losing weight, shaping the hips and refining the thighs, Mass & Slim from Lanaform are slimming shorts perfectly suited to combating cellulite and that unpleasant orange peel effect.



DESCRIPTION : Totally revolutionary, Mass & Slim contain hundreds of Tourmaline® beads that help lose centimetres when they come into contact with the skin. The Mass & Slim slimming shorts have a two-fold action: They instantly redefine your figure thanks to their highly targeted body-shaping effect: your bottom, thighs, hips and stomach appear slimmer in a blink of an eye, and are comfortably supported. In the long term, they have a lasting correcting and refining effect on unsightly areas thanks to Tourmaline® beads. These give rise to a slight, localised increase in skin temperature which can help the body irrigate fat cells more effectively and thus combat cellulite. The Tourmaline® beads also give your skin a micro massage thanks to their rounded shape, helping to improve blood circulation and lymph flow and so reduce that unpleasant orange peel effect Results achieved after a study lasting 30 days in the laboratory: Hip circumference: up to – 3.2cm* Around thighs: up to – 2.3cm* According to a laboratory study, 100% of women say that the Mass & Slim slimming shorts are easy to use and 94% say that they are generally happy with the product. 87% say that it has a positive effect on cellulite and 77% on slimming. *The results obtained are based on a clinical study carried out among 30 people aged between 18 and 55 years old over 30 days. These results may differ from one person to the next, depending on the product’s morphology and conditions of use. SPECIFICATIONS : Sizes: S (34/36), M (38/40), L (42/44), XL (46/48) Colour available: grey Composition 53% Polyamide, 33% Polyester, 14% Elastane Read less