Insulin Safe Cup





The InsulinSafe is an innovative high-tech products, in order to provide a safe, reliable, portable method for saveing insulin. It will never be difficult that the diabetic want to go out for a long time with insulin, so more relaxed and happy for their travel, visit and other outdoor activities.

When fully cool storage, the internal temperature of this product can be kept at 2-20 degree for 24 hours in the 40 degree
 climate, superior to other similar products.
No power eliminates the trouble of repeatedly charging! Size and weight with a bottle of 500 ml of mineral water quite! Business travel and easy to carry!
Storage can be used repeatedly! Life indefinitely!

1 Safe: the unique PCM coolant inside can freeze at 9 degree
,which means it can become ‘ICE’in the fridge with 0 degree

 plus temperature, melt and absorb heat to keep the flask at 9 degree
for the safety of insulin, avoiding insulin damage by the coolant in some low-end insulin packs which freeze in the freezer.
2 Keep cool in summer: the internal temperature is kept at 2-20
 for 24 hours in the 40 degree
3 Keep warm in winter: the internal temperature is kept 2-15
 for 28 hours in the -20 degree
4 Capacity: 2 insuin pens + 8 insulin refill cartridges