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Nonin 8500 handheld pulse oximeter provides an easy and accurate way of assessing oxygen saturation and pulse rate of adults to neonates. Truly portable pulse oximeter and long lasting autonomy, the Nonin 8500 covers the most demanding requirements at very low cost.

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With 100 hours of battery life, the handheld pulse oximeter Nonin 8500 provides a cost-effective, environmentally friendly solution for the needs of your monitoring. Easy to use. Lights LED, 3-button easy operation. Reliable. Proven technology and precision in pulse oximetry by Nonin Medical. Efficient. Battery Autonomy 100 hours. Versatile. Numerous connectivity options. Compatibility. Pulse oximeter works with the full range of sensor Nonin Pure Light®. Pulse quality indicator. Tricolor perfusion index. Optional version Nonin 8500M with memory function (18 hours). Accuracy, you can trust in the most difficult conditions such as motion or low perfusion. Robust construction. Nonin 8500 pulse oximeter is designed to operate in the most demanding environments (certified for aeromedical use by the USAF).