Half Moon Pillow




DESCRIPTION Get relief from aches and pains when sitting or lying down for long periods of time! The high quality high density memory foam relieves pressure where you feel it the most. Can provide support at the lower back (lumbar), between the knees, behind your neck, plus many more places. This versatile cushion is great for providing support in your Bed, your favourite Chair / Sofa, on your Office Chair, in the Car, Aeroplane etc. Always take on Holiday! Great for those with sore and aching joints/muscles or those with long or short term injuries. Give your body support where you need it. Ideal for Yoga, Pilates, Massages and other Treatments. Take it when travelling, use in the car on long journeys. The unique size and shape of this pillow gives endless possible uses… White/Cream Soft Cover with Zipper for cleaning. Cushion size 40x20x10 (cm) – 15.7″x7.9″x3.9″