Gluco Dr. Plus


Gluco.Dr Plus (AGM-3000) is the finest glucose test device which is exported to more than 50 countries worldwide including most rigid markets such as Germany, USA. It applies Gold Electrode Biosensor with unique electrode biosensor technologies firstly in the world. The system applies GDH-FAD enzyme (Glucose Dehydrogenase) on the test strip. manufactured at our 100% wholly owned & controlled manufacturing facility in Korea.



As a diabetic, you need a reliable glucose test meter to keep up with your blood glucose levels and to manage your health in properly. For this, precise test result, easy to read, size, memory, price and convenience are the integral parts of glucose test meter. From economic model to professional one of  GlucoDr  manufactured by Allmedicus in Korea are designed for each patient and hospital requirements. Your GlucoDr with its Strips are calibrated “YSI 2300 STAT Plus” whole blood method. Glucose levels in plasma are generally 10-15% higher than glucose measurements in whole blood.  All models of GlucoDr testers are strictly manufactured under the quality regulation of much less than 10% deviation, about 4%. GlucoDr in whole blood measurement is almost the same as plasma equivalent.


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