Five-Function Electric Bed


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whole bed body lifts up and down with balance, bed body slants up and down from front to rear, backside lifts up and down, leg bends and extends, leg lifts up and down, etc. By adjusting the bed body’s lifting, users enables the bed to meet different nursing requirements, by adjusting the backside and leg, users makes himself, herself sitting or lying comfortably to feel relax and ease.

  • It includes Central Locking Casters for fine operations.
  • It supports 4 PCs of advanced motors.
  • It has one operation table and one handset for nursery purposes.
  • It’s given 2 pairs of side rails to accomplish patient’s basic comfort concerns.
  • Trendelenburg / Reverse Trendelenburg.
  • Detachable ABS Head and end Bed Boards.
  • Collapsible ABS Guardrails.
  • 125mm double wheel Castors, 2 with Brake.