Ficomed Hygienic Kit (3 in 1)


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1- Fiber washing with shampoo:

The Ficomed patient cleansing sponge (fiber) optimizes skin moisture balance with enriched vitamins and prevents bacteria and fungi formation. It does not require rinsing.

2- Hygienic washing gloves with shampoo:

It is a disposable hygienic cleaning fiber impregnated with a special sponge made by Halıcı Health, moisturizing and fragrant shampoo, considering the ideal body wash and cleaning quality when it is hard to make bathroom.


3- Hair washing bonnet with shampoo and Aloe Vera:

Shampoo cap removes impurities and dead cells from your epidermis
layer. Also, regenerates the cells. This gives you fresh sense of relief.
Not require to be rinsed and dried. It optimizes the moisture balance
of your hair with aloe vera extract. Shampoo cap product has extra soft
texture material.