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The open bell side allows the physician to determine the lower frequencies.
The membrane side is equipped with the ERKA. Dual membrane which, thanks
to its unique, patented construction, allows the most sensitive auscultation of
both low and high frequencies.
Anesthesiologists, emergency physicians, paramedics, family physicians,
internists, assistant physicians, medical students, nursing students,
specialists in respiratory diseases
1_ The construction of the patented ERKA. dual-membrane allows for an
additional resonance chamber which optimizes the sound.
2_ The non-chill ring ensures patient comfort and protects the membrane.
3_ Highly polished and chromium-plated for a non-porous surface, the brass
chest-piece ensures perfect surface hygiene.
4_ Two internal channels run parallel in the stethoscope tubing. This prevents
the friction noises caused by two separate tubes.
5_ Through the separately integrated spring in the tube, there is no acoustic
loss from the chest-piece to the ear.
6_ The ergonomically designed, super soft ear tips create an excellent
acoustic seal against external noise interference and maximize wearer
comfort and fit.
7_ The standard 15° inclined binural can be individually adapted to the
ear canal characteristics of the user