Compressor Nebulizer

Compressor Nebulizer

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Medical Piston Compressor Nebulizer Atomizer For Respiratory System Care Tool Features: The Piston Compressor Nebulizer is composed by host and accessories. The host contain machine cover, power switch, power wire, silicone hose and compressor; nebulizer accessories contain atomizing cup, atomizing hose, suction nozzle and nebulization mask. 1. Adopt high-efficiency oil-free compressed pump, wear-resistant and high heat resistance, long life and good stability 2. Finalize the special atomization cup for Medical compressed nebulizer 3. Ultra work temperature, can finish nebulization easily 4. Low operation nose, about 60 decibels when work 5. Vaporific particle is superfine, average is below the 5米m, inhalation is comfortable for body, and have excellent results 6. Do nebulization in home, don’t use goto the hospital 7. Suitable for Adult and Children