Commode Chair


Commode chair  is intended for patients and disabled people with partial loss of functions of a musculoskeletal system in stationary medical institutions and in house conditions.



  • The frame of a commode chair  is made of metal and has a powder covering.
  • commode chair armrests direct, folding.
  • Armrests are equipped with soft slips.
  • The height  is regulated by the five-level push-button fixer through each 25 mm.
  • Legs of a chair toilet are equipped with rubber anti skid tips.
  • The seat and sanitary capacity – removable, are made of the easily washing plastic.
  • For convenience of the user the back of a chair toilet is equipped with a soft slip.
  • The design of a chair toilet allows to establish it over a toilet bowl.
  • Loading capacity :110 kgs