Air Tubing Mattress


The alternating pressure relief overlay system has 2 types, 4” high and 5” high, this system is designed for the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers for low to medium patients within the hospital and community care environments.



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  • Alternating. Static and Auto Firm function
  • Therapy up to Stage II pressure ulcers.
  • Patient weight adjustable from 40 to 150 KG.
  • Bottom out: keep patient’s bottom from touching the hard base when in an upright seating position.
  • Pump: noiselessness and low vibration.
  • Easy operation and Bring a great Comfort.
  • Mattress material is waterproof, flameproof and stain resistant.
  • Pillow function: remain static in the 4 tubes at the head zone.
  • C.P.R. valve: air release within 15 sec.
  • Quick Connector and Transport CAP.
  • Tube with True low air loss hole.
  • Non-Slip base
  • Dimension (cm) 200 x 90
  • Loading (Kg) : 150 
  • for ulcer stage (US) :I~II