AirSense10 Elite

AirSense 10 Elite is a fixed-pressure machine – which means it delivers a consistent pressure that is set by your doctor.

Brand: ResMed



  • Central apnea detection
  • Consistent humidification throughout the night with the optional integrated HumidAir humidifier with advanced technology
  • EPR (Expiratory Pressure Relief) so tat you can exhale comfortably against a gentle pressure coming from the device
  • Simple and intuitive user interface provides feedback on your therapy
  • Easy-Breathe motor is whisper-quiet, offering you and your bed partner a more peaceful night’s sleep
  • SmartStart feature begins your therapy  as soon as you breathe in your mask
  • Intelligent detection: AutoRamp™ with sleep onset detection starts by delivering a low pressure for greater patient comfort. Then, after you fall asleep, it gradually increases the pressure to the prescribed level

Additional information

Weight 1.106 kg
Dimensions 11.6 × 20.5 × 15 cm