MAXI ARMOR® cast shoes is the most advanced and unique design of closed toe cast shoes.
Closed toe cast shoes haven’t been selected by cast worn patient on the cast foot wear market so long time due to their limitation. But, Now MAXI ARMOR® toe guard style cast shoes challenges to the plaster shoes market. MAXI ARMOR® unique design still keeps the large features of open toe cast shoes even though its design is closed toe cast shoes with sensational design based elastic and eco friendly EVA materials.

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Briefly, about design concept of MAXI ARMOR® toe guard design, it still keeps large air passage like open toe gips shoes and having flexibility can accommodate any length of splint cutting.

Main Benefits
Toe guard functionality
Patient’s toe is exposed to unexpected secondary damage while they wear a cast. MAXI ARMOR® toe guard can always protect your toe from dropping sharpen objects like medical scissors, cutters ,hot coffee or bruising while walking.

Toe guard extendability
MAXI ARMOR® toe guard can accommodate any length of splint cutting. In case splint was cut longer than normal, you can keep enough space by attaching toe guard velcro to the foreside.
Within the special feature of EVA material’s flexibility MAXI ARMOR® was designed to fully accommodate any length of split cut by adjusting toe guard cover’s attaching point.

Large air passage
From the previous gips shoes, many of closed toe cast sandals were pointed out no air passage as the most weakness but ours product has designed to be ventilize enough air through like open toe cast shoes to keep drying patient’s cast worn foot.