Tri-Fold Mat with Handles


folding mat

“Easy to carry and store; ideal for use in classroom or clinic for exercise or rest. High-density 1″ urethane foam is covered with a 14-oz. laminated vinyl that is tear resistant, flame retardant and antibacterial. Red and blue. 6’L x 2’W x 1″H. Latex free.”

Squeeze Ball Hand Exerciser

squeeze ball
Palm-size ball returns to original 2-7/16″ diameter within 2–3 seconds after squeezing. Latex free.

Thera-Band® Standard Exercise Balls

exercise ball
Each ball package includes a full color poster, 2 ball plugs and an inflation adapter. All balls tested to 600 lbs. of static weight.

Resistance Band

Yellow & Green Package 


Package Small, versatile and affordable!
For progressive fitness and therapy

Versatility: Group and personal training, aqua aerobics and sports seniors

Small, handy and always ready

Ideal for the road
Each package contains one light (yellow), and one strong (green) Exercise Loop
Size: 5 cm x 33 cm



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