Lymphoedema Armsleeves

  • The treatment of congenital lymphoedema and acquired lymphoedema
  • For the arms which may become prone to swelling after removal of a cancerous breast and associated lymph nodes
  • Postoperative and post-traumatic oedema of the upper limbs
  • Incidental trauma such as burns and lacerations.

Extra Strong (over 49 mmHg ) Compression Stockings:


Intermittent pneumatic compression 


The circulation of blood and lymph in the disabled regions of the arms and legs, and increases the pressure of the muscular tissue by continuously repeating swelling and contraction with the 4-step gradual air pressure,thus curing edema and pain in the arms and legs and recovering the function of the limbs aged or disabled due to diseases. The limbs pressure and circulation device is an instrument for the cardiovascular system, which prevents the pool or blockage of blood or blood circulation.

lyamhp2  lymphdema