Established in 1981 in Amman, Ibn Sina Center became the first medical center in Jordan, to supply hospitals, doctors, as well as patients with their needs of medical equipment.Serving customers through all ages and providing health care equipment for various medical needs was the driving force to make Ibn Sina the largest medical supplier in Jordan.

“We want o provide healthcare equipment & services to people in  Jordan up to the highest standards and at the best prices.”

Product & Services: In our company portfolio we hold more than 4000 different items to cover many medical lines, to name a few; medical insoles, diabetic shoes, orthopedic supports, compression garments, DME’s,respiratory products, home care products, surgical tools and implants, physiotherapy O.T, sport equipment. Prosthesis and Orthosis are manufactured in our workshop, which is the largest private workshop in the country that also provides training. Medical shoes are also manufactured in another specialized workshop.


Being the first medical center in Jordan has provided us with direct channels of communication and partnership with the main 3 medical sectors in Jordan: Ministry of Health, Army Hospital and the Private Sector. This has helped us gain access to understand their needs and act accordingly to provide the right product accompanied with the right service, backed up from our active team of sales representatives, while keeping an eye for new technologies coming through in the international market.


The showroom boasts the largest variety of medical items available for the end-user along with proper advice, service & after sales-service .

Main office handle tenders, B2B , promotional & sales activities.

Art Care is newly formed sister company which specialized in medical consumables and related products. Its contains so far 5 product specialists covering all hospital departments, such as :anesthesia,….

The Technical Medical “Techni-Med” company is also a newly formed sister company which handles the division of manufacturing and sales of orthotic and prosthetic goods, compartments and custom made shoes.


Our success in Jordanian market could not be done without the long term partnerships we aim to keep with the international companies we represent; some have been for almost 20 years.our main life-long partners include: Proteor,France; Schien,Germany ; Jobskin, Ireland; I-Ming, Taiwan; Patterson Medical, USA ; Trulife , USA ; ADE,Germany.


Our main offices are in Amman,and one showroom in the capital.The most recent addition is opening the largest workshop for Prosthesis and Orthosis not only in Jordan but in the region.Our employees have different educational background and expertise in order to work collectively as a team with the shared future vision of further success for the company.

Jordan has gained the reputation as the most stable country in the region with ever increasing growth rates for the economy,and the future is looking bright.The medical sector in Jordan is known for its high standards,which is the reason patients from the region come for treatment. Ibn Sina Center ,as a family owned business,became number one in the market as the natural result for our good reputation,commitment, and driven by long-term relationships with both our customers and suppliers. In the future,we are planing to expand our range of products and services provided, working parallel with enlarging our network of sales in Jordan and to neighboring countries.