• Digital Bathroom Scale

    1-Electronic floor scale with 200 kg,Code: M317600

    Electronic floor scale with a sold ABS housing and a capacity of 200 kg. The step on technique combined with the auto-hold function makes            the reading on the large LCD display effortless and comfortable.


    2-  Mechanical floor scale ,Code: M309800.

    Best value for the quick and routine day to day weighing. Fast and simple to use with a capacity of 150 kg and a metal housing covered with a         vinyl non-slip mat for long lasting trouble-free use.



M309800 Floor scale      3-Sensor Technology ensures accuracy and reliability CODE: HN-268.

Measuring changes in weight as small as 100g thanks to 4-Sensor Technology,this safety glass scale tells you even small changes in                                       your   weight on the large LCD screen,max180 kg.

  • f48b56886ea248b1264bd1ab9eda5052_normal4-CRYSTAL DIGITAL SCALE CODE: 92081 .

    DIGITAL BATHROOM SCALE. Patented “4 sensor system” to offer high accurancy and precision. Easy-to-read LCD Dispaly. 6mm                       Tempered Glass Platform. Automatic switch off (after 12 seconds of inactivity). Max capacity: 150 Kg. Graduation: 100 g. Dimension                          (30 x 30 x 3,8) cm.

    medel scale5-Digital Personal Scale

    Safety Glass Platform,Large, Easy to Read Display,KG – St – lb Selection,150 kg capacity





  • Body Analyzing   Scale


        1-Full body measurement for the most accurate body composition data.Code BF508

Get a complete picture of your body composition including body and visceral fat as well as your BMI. Clinically validated, this monitor gives you                high accuracy so you can measure your progress day by day. By keeping track of all your key indicators you’re more likely to stay motivated and stick to your fitness plan.


f6a90da5799e563902763b780b07518f_normal    2-Diagnostic Scale WS 80-N

10 Person Memory,Large Display – Easy to read,Safety Glass Platform,Body Fat  Measurement,Body Water Measurement,Bone Mass                                      Measurement,Muscle Mass Measurement,BMI (Body Mass Index),BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate),180 kg Capacity,Kg – St – lb Selection.

WS 80-n


  • Column Scales Manual/Digital

   1-Electronic Column Scale Code: M304641-01

Electronic professional weighing scale with 250kg capacity. The heavy duty platform comes with 2 castors for easy movement. Optional available               with ADE mechanical or electronic height measure for fast automatic BMI calculation. Batteries and mains adapter are included as standard.

M304641-01 web

         2- Mechanical Physician Scale M31800

Eye level beam scale readable from both sides with telescopic height measure from 600 to 2100 mm by 1 mm graduation and two castors for                easy movability. The solid all steel constructed scale comes with a heavy duty cast iron lever system and guarantees a long trouble – free lifetime.



         3- Round Dial Column Scale Code: M306800

Easy to use always ready to work heavy duty personal scale. The large and clear dial shows the weight fast and accurate without the need of                     any electric power. A telescopic height measure from 60 to 210 cm by 1 mm graduation is attached to the column of the scale as standard.